Hi, I'm Gautam Krishnan. I am a UI/UX designer and a front-end developer. I'm currently looking for full time opportunities starting May '17.

Hi, I'm Gautam Krishnan,
a Product Designer

  • SASTRA University
    Bachelor's in
    Computer Science.

    2009 - 13
  • Product Designer at
    Zoho Connect - Web,
    Android and iOS.
    2012 - 15
  • University of Illinois
    at Chicago
    Master's in CS.
    HCI and Data Viz.
    2015 - 17
  • Product Designer at
    Leading the design
    for Vitech's flagship.
    2017 -
  • Looking for my next
    Product Design gig
    If you are hiring,
    hit me up!
A few selected screenshots from some of my projects.
A showcase of the projects in which I have contributed to both the UI/UX and front-end development.



Shadows in the Rain

Neighborhood Informant

Rave On

Still Crazy After All These Years

Doodling and showing the world what just CSS can do.
Honors b Achievements
Some honors and achievements that I consider to be the most important.

1. Vitech API Prize at YHack 2016 held at Yale University for our application Intellisurance.

2. 2nd place overall and also the Capital One API Prize at MHacks 2016, held by University of Michigan for our application Smart Money Manager.

3. John Deere API Prize for our application AgroRentals at HackIllinois 2016.

4. 1st Place in Nokia's International Hackathon under the S40 Web Apps category in 2012.

5. Got my application 'Astrologic' to the top downloaded applications in Nokia's Ovi Store in early 2011.

6. 2nd place at 'Launch Attack', an ethical hacking contest conducted as a part of Security Day by McAfee in 2011.

7. Among the top 10 in India for 'Got Couch' at the FaceCode hackathon in 2012.

About Me
Kickass UI/UX Designer, Front-End Developer, Hacker and a Life-long learner.
I design clean and polished visual aesthetic for web, desktop and mobile apps. I've been involved in a product cycle from conception to release. With strong written and oral communication skills, and with a strong background rooted in design, engineering and programming, I collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams. Along with advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills, I possess first hand knowledge of user-centered design principles, and UX design practices and methodologies.

I graduated with a master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois in May '17 and I am currently looking for full time opportunities in UI/UX and Product Design.
Skill set: UX, UI, Visual and Product Design. Sketch, Principle, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Balsamiq, Invision, Axure.

HTML5, CSS3, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, D3.JS, PhoneGap, Android Development, PHP, MySQL, C, C++, Java, Node.js, Python.